Published Works

Artwork by Jeff Brown Graphics

The Frozen King

The thrilling sequel to The Binding Power. Alliances are broken and new ones emerge in this third act of the Retallian Civil War.

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

The Breaking World

The final act in the Retallian Civil War. An earthquake decimates the capitol city of Reta, and the secrets underneath it are finally revealed.

For the Love of My People

A young soldier opens his eyes with no memory of who he is. A young mage sees her village decimated by war. A prince finds himself on the wrong end of betrayal. And a young woman, with feathers etched across her body, stands locked in chains. A royal edict holds all their lives in the balance, but will strife within the party itself claim their lives first?

Currently in developmental edits. Publication planned for May 2024.

Photo by Artem Makarov on Unsplash

The Seed

A prequel to end all prequels, to answer the question, ​how was my universe broken? A young man holds the answer to this question. But thrust back in time against his will, can he survive the hostile world he finds himself in long enough to keep the tear in space time from spreading even further, taking everything he loves with it?

The Seed has passed the second draft stage and is ready for beta readers.

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Young Rogue

The Young Rogue is an alien science fiction. The heartthrob alien teenager makes a grave error that could expose his people to humanity, and he has to fix it before anyone finds out.

Draft is finished and ready for beta readers.

Publication planned for 2025.

Photo by Cassidy Faline

The Girl in the Silver Cage

A silver ring falls from space, landing unharmed in Medieval Ireland. Its very presence begins to change the fabric of the world around it, and only one young Irish girl has the power to stop the destruction it can cause.
The Girl in the Silver Cage zooms in on a bit of story lore that isn't fully expressed in other works. I am in the middle of writing the first draft, with no specific deadline in mind.